What is the basic responsibilities of a person who gets appointed as a 16.1 in a company?

Please find below the contents of a basic section 16.1 appointment that indicates the responsibility of the person signing the appointment:
In terms of Section 16.1 of the Act the Chief Executive Officer, (who is ex officio the responsible person) shall ensure that the employer complies with the provisions of the Act and is vested with overall authority in matters to which the Act relates and that he be instructed to make the necessary designations as required by the Act and relevant regulations.

  1. That the Chief Executive Officer shall make full use of this authority in terms of the said Section 16.1 to assign duties to his subordinates.
  2. That since Section 37 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires the company as an employer to do more than simply issue instructions, the company hereby reaffirms its commitment to the Safety and welfare of its employees. All reasonable steps must be taken to improve and maintain high safety and occupational health standards.
  3. That all employees are to be instructed in their obligations in terms of the above Act.
  4. That all divisions are to:
    4.1 Implement the provisions of the company’s Health and Safety Manual;
    4.2 Submit monthly reports to the company’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors relating to compliance with the Act; and
    4.3 Advise the Chief Executive Officer of all incidents which are reportable in terms of the Act.
  5. That you will comply with the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the General Machinery Regulations.
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