Health and Safety Compliance

Elevate Compliance:

Unlocking Health and Safety Excellence. Our monthly consulting services ensure seamless adherence to regulations.

From inspections to audits and comprehensive safety file compilation, WHM Health and Safety Advisors redefine protection.

A Safety Plan is a structured approach to identifying and mitigating risks in various settings, outlining strategies to prevent adverse events. Its complexity depends on the context and risk level.

A Risk Assessment Service systematically evaluates risks, aiding clients in informed risk management by identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing risks based on likelihood and impact.

Safe Work Service providers offer tailored services for creating a safe work environment, reducing accidents, ensuring legal compliance, benefiting employee well-being, and organizational success.

Mandatory health and safety signs are vital for workplace and public safety, using standardized symbols and colors to convey instructions for well-being and hazard prevention.

An induction training service introduces new employees to company culture, policies, procedures, and roles, enhancing talent management and integration.

The Evacuation Drill service assists organizations in preparing for emergencies, ensuring employee and asset safety through effective, tailored evacuation drills.

Registering with the Compensation Commissioner in South Africa ensures COIDA compliance, providing compensation for work-related injuries or diseases.

Health and Safety Policies Drafting and Implementation service helps organizations create, refine, and implement comprehensive health and safety policies aligned with industry requirements.

Outsourcing a qualified Health and Safety Officer under a Health and Safety Manager’s supervision enhances workplace safety, regulatory compliance, and a culture of employee well-being without full-time hiring commitments.

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