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WHM Labour Law Advisors has recently undertaken to extend our client offering by adding a department dedicated to health and safety called WHM Health and Safety Advisors.

This department is headed up Henk Horn. Our primary offering is to assist clients with the compliance of health and safety legislation and regulations. We deliver health and safety consulting services on a monthly basis and our services range from inspections to audits as well as compiling safety files. WHM Health and Safety Advisors services include:

  • Safety Files.

  • Monthly/Weekly site audits.

  • Implementing of a Health and Safety Management System.

About Us
Safety Tips


  • WHM Health & Safety Company is a standard setting authority and preferred provider of ethical and focussed occupational health and safety solutions.

  • We are committed to creating a safe and legally compliant working environment for medium and small businesses in South Africa.

  • Our network of nationwide safety experts allows us to take care of all business safety requirements and challenges within the South African OSH legislation context and help businesses to achieve full legal compliance.


  • WHM promotes an awareness of the relationship between health and safety and business sustainability. Health and safety management is an essential consideration for any organisation that wants to increase profitability by reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. We create a workforce with a positive and responsible attitude to health and safety matters.
  • We provide our clients with instant access to important, up to date regulatory information and training as well as relevant documentation through an advanced website, online support system and other communication media.
  • We thoroughly analyse the working environments of our clients to achieve a full understanding of their unique safety needs before designing and implementing innovative tailor-made Health and Safety solutions unique to the specific company.
  • We are supported by a network of experienced and qualified OHS consultants, environmental consultants, occupational hygienists and inspectors specialising in workplace health and safety (WHS), environmental risk management, property safety and occupational hygiene.


  • Trust. Our clients do business with us because they trust us to implement safety programmes that assist and guide them with information, systems, and procedures to ensure the companies’ greatest asset, their employees, return home safe after work. Focus and Discipline in maintaining a high standard of work and achieving our goal of being a preferred company in the safety industry.
  • Integrity. Strive to be honest, fair and consistent. High standards in Quality, Ethics and Compliance are non-negotiable elements of our service. Maintain a strong work ethic by keeping our word and taking responsibility for our work and actions.
  • Teamwork. Respect and Appreciation for staff members, associates and clients. Foster cooperation and collaboration. Encourage and support the professional growth of all Environmental Health and Safety employees.
  • Services. Innovation and dedication to provide our clients with the best solutions for their specific situation. Serve as small to medium companies’ health and safety advisors. Provide high quality and easy-to-use services in a timely manner. Continuously improve our services and processes.
  • Positive Attitude. Promote safety as every worker’s responsibility. Possess and encourage a positive outlook.
  • Diversity. Be open to other people’s ideas and opinions. Understand the needs and situations of others. Treat all individuals equitably, professionally and with courtesy, dignity and respect.

The WHM Health and Safety Advisors team are committed to ensuring that the department delivers the best possible service to cater to all health and safety requirements.

We also offer their clients the added support in Labour Department inspections. We maintain their clients’ level of compliance with the Health & Safety Act to avoid business shutdown due to non-compliance.

In terms of expert advice and service, the team is always prepared and up-to-date on the latest legal procedures and rulings in the health and safety industry. We attend regular training and conferences to ensure that their knowledge is current.

The Health and Safety department is managed by Henk Horn.

Henk Horn is well qualified in the health and safety industry with NOSA’s 5 star SAMTRAC qualification. He is responsible for all the weekly / monthly site visits to clients and conducts all the site audits pertaining to the client’s daily application and implementation of the health and safety procedures. He also ensures that the client is compliant with current health and safety legislations.

Henk Horn
Henk HornPartner
Henk Horn is a partner at WHM Health & Safety Advisors, he specializes in compiling safety management systems to ensure the client’s full compliance. Auditing client’s health and safety systems are his main focus on a daily basis. He enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Niel van der Westhuizen
Niel van der WesthuizenManager
Niel van der Westhuizen is with WHM Health and Safety Advisors for a year and a half, he specializes in implementing Health and Safety Management Systems, assisting companies with Business and Health and Safety risk assessments, assisting companies with ISO Standards. Niel enjoys working with ISO Standards and believes that each company should have a Management System in place.
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