Nico Calogero & Monique MarinshekHealth and Safety Manager & Health and Safety Consultant

About Nico Calogero: Your trusted Health and Safety Consultant

Nico Calogero brings over a decade of experience in safety management, with a focus on construction, traffic accommodation, and audits. he holds a SAMTRAC qualification, which demonstrates his commitment to excellence in safety practices. His track record includes implementing innovative safety measures, conducting thorough audits, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. He is passionate about creating safe working environments that protect both people and projects. Let’s collaborate to elevate safety standards and drive success in your organization.

About Monique Marinschek: Your Trusted Health and Safety Consultant

Passionate About Safety, Committed to Compliance
Monique Marinschek is a seasoned Health and Safety consultant with a rich background. She began her journey at AVENGE Group and Arcelor Mittal, where she developed a deep respect for safety regulations, viewing them as guardians of our well-being.

Experience and Achievements:
With a track record that includes contributing to the success of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, Monique excels in managing safety in high-stakes environments.

Diverse Expertise
Monique has served a wide range of industries, including construction, fabrication, hospitality, healthcare, and education, mastering the unique safety requirements of each.

Commitment to Compliance
Monique remains vigilant in keeping clients up-to-date with evolving health and safety regulations to ensure compliance and pass Department of Labour inspections.

Innovative Solutions
Known for going above and beyond, Monique builds strong client relationships and proactively identifies safety needs, always ready to learn and adapt to meet client requirements.

Guiding Principles
At the heart of Monique’s philosophy is the belief that safety is everyone’s responsibility. By adhering to high standards and respecting safety rules, we create safe, thriving workplaces where happiness and success flourish.

Choose Monique Marinschek as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of health and safety. With a passion for safeguarding lives and an unwavering commitment to compliance, she ensures secure environments where businesses and individuals can thrive.

Hennie van Graan
Hennie van GraanFounder and Director of WHM, Senior Partner and Labour Consultant.
Hennie van Graan was a previous lecturer at the University of Johannesburg teaching Human Resources and Organisational Behavior. He has qualified academically up to Honours level in Human Resources, with extensive experience in the security, retail, manufacturing, food services and hospitality sectors.
Gilbert Nangammbi
Gilbert NangammbiSenior Partner & Labour Consultant
Gilbert Nangammbi is our Senior Partner at WHM. He is Hennie van Graan’s right-hand man and he is always ready to assist a client.
Angela Bender
Angela BenderOperation Director
Angela is a highly experienced professional with 27 years of experience in the labor relations industry. She has been in a director’s position from a young age, showcasing her exceptional leadership skills and strong work ethic. Angela has a deep understanding of labor laws and regulations, and she is highly skilled in managing complex labor relations issues. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a keen ability to develop and implement effective strategies to resolve disputes and promote collaboration between management and employees. Angela is highly respected in her field and is known for her integrity, dedication, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes for all stakeholders.