Transportation – Ground Guides

Ground guides are used when backing commercial motor vehicles larger than 2.5 tons or attempting to maneuver a vehicle in a tight clearance area. Ground guides will not stand between the vehicle being guided and another object such that an inadvertent engine surge or momentary loss of vehicle
control could cause injury or death. The vehicle driver will stop the vehicle immediately if:

  • He or she loses sight of the ground guide
  • The ground guide is standing dangerously between the vehicle and another object.

The Ground guide shall be in the direction of travel where a clear view of any obstructions is maintained. Prior to utilizing a ground guide, clear hand signals shall be established between the operator and the ground guide.

When ground guides are not available, drivers will:

  • Dismount the vehicle
  • Walk completely around the vehicle to verify clearance
  • Select a ground reference point that can be seen from the cab of the vehicle
  • Mount the vehicle, ensuring the ground reference point can be seen from the cab of the vehicle
  • Sound the horn
  • Back to the pre-selected reference point

Repeat the process, as necessary, until the vehicle is in the desired position

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