Occupational Health and Safety

What is Occupational Health and Safety?

Occupational Health and Safety is a field that is greatly concerned for people’s Health and Safety in their workplaces. It is the law of an employer to take reasonable care of the safety of their employees and or any other person stepping onto the premise or workplace of the employer. By identifying hazards in the workplace, we can assist in determining what is required to ensure full compliance.

How do you achieve Health and Safety Compliance throughout your company?

By raising a Health and Safety Culture awareness in your company, you can eliminate the risk taking behaviours of the people in your workplace. The people in your workplace will ultimately determine, at the end of the day, a successful Health and Safety Culture.

By implementing the following, you can ultimately achieve a compliant workplace:

  • Health and Safety Management Systems.

  • Training.

  • Risk Assessment.

  • Safe Work Procedures.

  • Strict Management and Supervision.

By ensuring you have the above mentioned implemented in your workplace, together with strict management thereof, you can be sure that you are successful in what you desire most. Which is ultimately Complying with regards to Health and Safety Standards.

Unfortunately there is still the “Human Factor” involved which basically comes down to accidents do not happen by itself, it is the actions of someone. How can we fix this problem in our workplaces? By rewarding good Health and Safety practices? How can we assist our employees in comprehending the outcomes of bad behaviour or bad habits?

As an employer, we must teach our employees and raise awareness with regards to Health and Safety, so that they are encouraged to do their work in a safe manner, not to only keep them from harm, but also their fellow employees.

So let us assist you with Health and Safety Compliance in your workplace because the WHM Health and Safety Advisors team are committed to ensuring that the department delivers the best possible service to cater to all Health and Safety requirements.

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