Health & Safety Committee Chairperson

What is the basic responsibilities of a person who gets appointed as a Section 19 in a company?

Please find below the contents of a basic Section 19 appointment that indicates the responsibility of the person signing the appointment:

As the chairperson of the Health and Safety committee, you shall be required to perform the following functions:

  • Scheduling committee meetings.
  • Ensuring that all committee members are notified of meetings.
  • Distributing the agenda for the meetings.
  • The committee shall make recommendations on matters affecting the Health and Safety of any person in the designated area of the workplace to the employer, or the inspector, when required.
  • Any incident in terms of the Act will be discussed and reported on.
  • The minutes of each Health and Safety committee meeting shall be recorded and endorsed by you.
  • Ensuring that copies of the minutes are distributed to all members and displayed on all health and safety notice boards.
  • Attending health and safety management meetings to discuss committee recommendations.
  • Giving feedback regarding management decisions for recommendations to the committee.
  • Keeping records of all minutes, recommendations and change implementations.
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