Forklift operator appointment

What is the basic responsibilities of a person who gets appointed as a DMR(18) in a company?

Please ensure that all lifting work is performed in strict accordance with OHS Act and operational requirements.

As a Forklift Operator for your area of responsibility, your functions will be as follows:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the full scope of Driven Machinery Regulation 18.
  2. You may not permit any person to be transported or lifted by the forklift.
  3. No other person except a trained forklift operator may operate your forklift.
  4. When the forklift unit is stationary, do not leave the forklift unit keys in the ignition nor leave it idling unattended.
  5. Perform daily and weekly pre-use and post-use inspections in the prescribed manner.
  6. Report any mechanical, hydraulic or electrical defects and ensure that they are immediately attended to before using the forklift.
  7. At all times operate the unit with due care in compliance with the training you have been given.
  8. Only allow persons to be lifted up provided that a ‘purpose made’ safety cage is supplied and securely attached to the forklift unit and persons to be lifted are wearing full safety harnesses.
  9. Return the forklift unit to the assigned parking space when not in use.
  10. Obey all signs and do not exceed regulated speed limits.
  11. At all times follow the correct procedure in order to gain permission for operating a forklift.
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