Emergency Evacuation

Nothing is more important than emergency evacuation, find below 7 important steps to take into consideration with regards to a evacuation:

  1. When a building is in use, always ensure that the emergency exit door are able to be opened from the inside at all times.
  2. Any and all broken doors/emergency exits must be replaced as soon as possible, when noticed that it is broken.
  3. All emergency exits must stay unobstructed at all times, to prevent people from tripping when the exit needs to be used.
  4. Never place curtains or similar objects in front or over the emergency exit, as this makes it difficult to exit in case of an emergency. It basically serves as a obstruction.
  5. Emergency evacuation drills must be held regularly, so that staff will know what to do in case of a real emergency.
  6. All emergency exits must be clearly identified, by means of a “Emergency Exit” signage.
  7. Emergency preparedness must be communicated over to all staff, so that they can be aware of the exits in case of an emergency.
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