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Health and Safety training

Risk assessment training

Duration: 2 Days

Course Summary:

Risk assessments are vital to protect your workers and your business. Helping you to focus on the risks that really matter, our risk assessment course will provide you with all the skills you need to comply with the law. Risk assessment training has been aligned to registered unit standards.  You will be assessed against the outcomes of the unit standards by completing a knowledge assignment that covers the essential embedded knowledge stipulated in the unit standards

The person attending this course will be able to:

  • Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting Base line or continuous risk assessments.

  • Prepare to conduct a Base line or continuous risk assessment.

  • Conduct a Base line or continuous risk assessment.

  • Initiate remedial action and follow up on Base line or continuous risk assessment

Incident Investigation training

Duration: 1 Day

Course Summary:

Once you have completed the Incident Investigation Training Course, you will be able to identify and understand the legal requirements needed to monitor and further investigate any incidents that may have occurred. This can include everything from processing physical evidence to the preparation of reports.

If you want to truly make sure that your business is always compliant with industry-imposed legislation, it is imperative that you have the right personnel with the necessary qualifications needed to carry out such investigations.


  • Conduct an investigation into workplace safety, health and environmental incidents.

  • Describe requirements for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigation.

  • Identify the general duties of Employers to their Employees.

  • Know the general duties of Employees at Work.

  • Identify what is expected of the Health and Safety Committee and the functions of the Health and Safety Committee.

  • Know what the prescribed recording and investigation of incidents is.

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