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Wht we do

  • We provide businesses with a professional safety file that will allow them to take advantage of more opportunities as a result of OHS compliance.

  • We provide comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency response, and hazardous materials management solutions from acquisition to disposal.

  • We assist companies to implement Occupational Health and Safety systems professionally with experienced safety experts and also provide high-quality OHS training to relevant staff members.

We pride ourselves on a personalised, customised service that is provided according to our clients’ needs. We conduct a thorough, detailed analysis of our client’s industry and requirements and draw up an offering that is ideally suited and customised, at a very reasonable cost.
When WHM Health and Safety Advisors take on a new client we typically:

  • conduct a full site audit to determine if the client is compliant with health and safety regulations identifying where any short comings may be,

  • once the short comings have been identified, we implement the necessary procedures to ensure that our client is compliant with health and safety regulations, ie

    1. ensuring that there is a health and safety file on site,
    2. health and safety representatives are appointed,
    3. first aider and fire fighters are appointed,
    4. daily check sheets are completed where applicable on site,
    5. health and safety posters are erected in a clear visible area.

WHM Labour Law Advisors has recently undertaken to extend our client offering by adding a department dedicated to health and safety called WHM Health and Safety Advisors.

This department is headed up by Hennie van Graan and Henk Horn. Our primary offering is to assist clients with the compliance of health and safety legislation and regulations. We deliver health and safety consulting services on a monthly basis and our services range from inspections to audits as well as compiling safety files.

WHM Health and Safety Advisors services include:

  • Safety Files.

  • Monthly/Weekly site audits.

  • Implementing of a Health and Safety Management System.

  • Safety Plans.

  • Risk Assessments.

  • Safe Work Procedures.

  • Appointment Letters.

  • Variety of checklists.

  • Induction training.

  • Emergency Procedures.

  • Evacuation Plans.

  • Chairing of Health and Safety meetings.

  • Assistance with registration at the Compensation Commissioner.

  • Attendance registers.

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  • Drafting and implementation of Health and Safety Policies.

  • Outsourcing of a qualified Health and Safety Officer under the supervision of the managing members of WHM Health and Safety Advisors.

Evacuation plan

According to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, every workplace requires an Emergency Evacuation Plan. It also plays a vital part in a building’s fire management plan.

WHM Health & Safety Advisors can assist any company with an Emergency Evacuation plan to ensure full compliance with regards to the Occupational Health & Safety Act as well as an emergency management plan that is site specific to your company.

For a quotation on setting up of an Emergency Evacuation plan, please contact us via email or a phone call.  Please note that the amount quoted will depend on the size of the property as well as printing and framing if needed.

Download Evaculation Plan

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Mandatory Health & Safety signs

  • Fire Equipment Signage:
    • Arrows
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Fire Hose Reel
  • Emergency Exit Signage
    • Arrows
    • Running Man
  • Emergency Assembly Point Signage
  • Personal Protective Equipment Signage
  • First Aid Kit Signage
  • Hazardous Chemical Signage
  • Fire Hazard Signage
  • Electrical Shock Signage
  • Forklift Signage
  • Overhead Signage
  • No Entry Signage

If any of the signs that you require are not listed above, please let us know via email or phone call and we will get back to you accordingly. We can custom make any signs that you need for your project or premise.

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  • Training: Risk Management
  • Who should attend: Managers, Supervisors, Safety Reps, etc.
  • After the short course, attendees will be able to do the following:
    • Identify Risks in the workplace
    • Hazard identification
    • How to eliminate, mitigate or reduce potential harm as a result of potential risks in the workplace.
    • Compile Risk Assessments
    • Review Risk Assessments
  • Cost of Course: R500-00 per delegate
  • Duration of course: 2 Hours
  • Location: WHM Training Centre
  • Included in the course:
    • Course Manual
    • Risk Assessment Template which can be used on their own premise
    • Attendance Certificate

After this course attendees will be able to manage risk in their workplace by implementing control measures or mitigating risk.

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